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For only 1 dollar a month, you will have access to all of our behind the scenes content, as well as an earlier release to our weekly comic pages.

We will also have occasional polls in which only our paying Patrons like you will be allowed to participate which directly affect our story.

When our book goes to print, we also want to grant our basic level "Grounder" Founders with a FREE digital copy of our book, as well as a 10% discount on the print.

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For 5 dollars a month, you will not only have all of the benefits of the "Grounder" Founder Patrons, but we also want to give back to you!

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Whoa? 10 dollars a month! You're basically our hero. If you're here, then you're practically part of the team. We want your input! We will have LIVE monthly online Skype/Discord meetings with our Diamond Founder Patrons where you can provide ideas, suggestions, and critique for our team, and we promise to consider everything that's suggested, but (obviously) can't promise to implement everything.

Also, as a Diamond Founder Patron, not only will you get the benefits of the Gold Founders, but when the book goes to print, we want you to receive a print copy for free! (excluding shipping & handling).




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About Underground Pizza Delivery:

When a group of rambunctious teenagers ditch school in search for an abandoned history museum hidden in the mysterious Prokopian underground, they are captured by an underground militia belonging to a hidden civilization known as "The Grounders". In exchange for freedom, Vance, Dennis, Ricky, and Paul volunteer to form the first ever Underground Pizza Delivery Service, smuggling everyone's favorite Italian dish in exchange for mercy, minimum wage, and the adventure of a life time!

Pages are uploaded here every Wednesday, as well as on WebtoonsTumblrTapas


Our goal at SYPHARIS ARTS is to produce Underground Pizza Delivery as a graphic novel/webcomic that will be released to the public one page at a time, on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. As an independent company, our purpose for using Patreon is simply to cover any and all costs that we may spend in order to produce the comics for free, as well as properly pay our artists a fair wage, in hopes for them to someday be able to produce art and content full-time.
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If we can reach the small goal of 100 dollars a month, this will cover all of the expenses we are paying out of our pocket to go towards web hosting.

Once we hit 100 dollars a month, we will reward our gold and above patrons with custom UPD buttons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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