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About Uproot Media

In 2014 a confrontation occurred between a police officer and a civilian that resulted in the death of a young black man and the birth of a new era in the American civil rights movement. Ferguson, Missouri became a household name across the globe, forcing America to face her bitter factions. Today many  are wrestling with complex questions, intense frustrations, and deep woundings. As race related conflicts have intensified across the nation, the best and the worst of Ferguson is a reflection of almost every American community.

While various narratives are only serving to deepen the divide, Meet Me in Ferguson is a web based video series aiming to help elevate the national conversation on race and injustice within faith communities that consider themselves members of the body of Christ. Through candid interviews with the people of Ferguson and the St.Louis area; we'll discover some of the historical, spiritual, cultural, political, and sociological realities that have prevented America from moving into a place of true racial reconciliation. Furthermore, through a biblical worldview, our show will lend spiritual perspective, understanding,and application to help people of every hue and persuasion find God and each other in the midst of the crises.

                       VIEW THE TRAILER         Our journey into Ferguson began with a local, regional, and national christian response to Ferguson in September 2014 through an extensive ministry expression called The Ferguson Response (thefergusonresponse.com). For the past year, we've been significantly engaging cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston, and St.Louis with the ministry of reconciliation. 

One of our ultimate goals would be to continue the conversations with a studio audience on a regular basis in a Ferguson based studio office that also serves as a community healing/reconciliation center.
Through your patronage, we'll be able to devote 100% of our time to developing original content and building towards releasing new video episodes on a weekly basis.
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Our crew currently consists of two people who are working on the show for free (with passion!) while dividing time, attention, and energy in multiple ways to make ends meet. Unfortunately however, our passion alone will not put food in our stomachs, or attract skilled creative talent. We feel that this project is important enough to warrant our full immediate attention. This level of funding will prevent me (the producer) from losing my wonderfully talented camera operators to random "make ends meet" jobs.
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