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Goblin Shark

/ month

Thank you so much and welcome to the Shark Tank!

This tier gets you a shout out live on UDS Radio. Have something you'd like to plug? We'll do that too! Additionally one of us we send a unique "Thank You Video".

You'll be be able to jump over the velvet rope and join us as we record UDS Radio and interact with us while we do it!

Also you get to be apart of our super secret Discord channel!

Includes Discord benefits
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Hammerhead Shark

/ month

Do you like stickers, well do we have the tier for you!

With this you will get some high quality, super shark stickers coming your way (if you live in the UK).

You also everything included in our "Goblin Shark" Tier.

Includes Discord benefits

Great White Shark

/ month

Hey big spender! You truly are helping us keep the lights on here at Upside Down Shark, and it's only fitting that you should steer the direction of the show.

With this tier, you can choose one topic for us to feature in an episode of UDS Radio. Whether it be breaking news or a blast from the past, it's up to you! 

All rewards from the "Hammerhead" Tier is also included. 

Includes Discord benefits



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