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The Upstarters sound draws from the fury of Rock, the fire of Reggae-Ska, and the bump of Hip-Hop and R&B.

The Upstarters regularly work with world-famous bands and are festival veterans. They have played: Artscape, the Supernova International Ska Festival, Snallygaster Beer Fest, The Ladybug Festival, M.I.L. Fest, Hightopps Backstage Bash, and Frozen Harbor Music Festival. They've also performed many street fests like SOWEBO, Hamilton, and Laurel.

A lively group with themes ranging from Love, social issues, and partying until the sun comes up; their attitudes and outlook on life show through in their memorable and upbeat lyrics.

Some of the love The UPStarters have received on the road:

“Those reggae roots are the driving force behind the work of Baltimore’s The Upstarters; a collage of influences that blend the former with some R&B, punk and hip hop that manifests in a primal and rhythmic celebration on stage that gives respect to those original seeds while sprouting up a variety of flower all their own. The ladies and gents in the group water that flower until it bears fruit, both on their own compositions, or with a new take on a familiar classic or modern radio hit. You’d be crazy for missing out on their INtensity and high level of energy; and after two days of what seems like an endless run of talent, you can finally start wrapping up your night by sweating off another few pounds with The Upstarters.”
Brianna Hansen

"Start with a lot of ska, then blend in reggae, rock-core, punk, hip-hop, metal, funk and R&B to make a power-packed and very satisfying musical cocktail. You’ve got a unique sound."
Charles Benoit of

"The perfect soundtrack for the midsummer vibes on Wednesday night. They pumped out one ska-horned party number after another, and by the end, the entire place was skanking along!"
John Glennon - A Soundman's Guide

“Great energy. Great Voice. Awesome musicianship. Love the variety. Nice work!”
Michelle - Carbon Red

“They’re captivating; they catch the eye, a very good group of young musicians.”

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