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Private Security Contractor
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Welcome, recruit.

  • Get early access to the NSFW builds weeks before they go public
  • Get access to patron-only feed which includes NSFW art(!) 
  • Access to a patron-only discord channel
  • Vote on development decisions (Monthly poll)
  • Early Access to new game builds
  • Access to patreon-only in game content
  • Your name in the credits
  • The Administrator appreciates your efforts.
Includes Discord rewards
Offsite Activities Specialist
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Welcome, operative.  

  • Get all previous rewards
  • Get bonus extras such as high resolution concept art for the game
  • Access to a high resolution gallery of all the CGs in the game!
  • Vote on development decisions TWICE and rig polls in your favor. 
  • Extra Special Discord role so everyone knows you're a specialist
  • The Administrator appreciates your efforts.
Includes Discord rewards
Combat Heuristics Application Division
Limited (0 of 19 remaining)
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Combat Heuristics Application Division agents or C.H.A.D.s are volunteers for experimental warfare.

Get your head in the game, literally.

  • Get all previous rewards
  • Extra Special Discord role so everyone knows you're a C.H.A.D.
  • Subscribe for 2 months to get a custom head into the game as a head swap option
  • The Administrator appreciates your efforts.
  •  Delivery time: 3-4 months after completion of 2 month streak
  • The tier will be unpublished after 2 months.
Includes Discord rewards




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About Uragon Games

Official Shop - Get posters and stickers and support us and our artists directly!

is a high quality cyberpunk RPG with lewd Dating-Sim/Visual Novel elements. Brought to you by Kuso-Otoko, the artist from Crisis Point: Extinction and more. Pledging your support to us on Patreon will help us focus work on the game full time and is greatly appreciated. The more pledges, the more we can use to work on the game instead of our day jobs, hire other freelancers and buy equipment and software we need to make this a high quality game. We can’t do it without you! We’re in this for the long run! We want to create a fun cyberpunk world for you to explore and have fun in.

The game is Free to play! There is a public build of the game to download. Pledging a small monthly fee will give you early access to the latest playable build of URAGONER, extra in game content when you sign in to the game, access to our Discord where you can chat with URAGONER devs, previews of upcoming content, your credits in game, access to patreon-only content progress reports and influence our roadmap.

v0.1.0 Download:
Windows: Coming Soon
Mac: Coming Soon
Supported Platforms: Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later
Future Platforms: Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 and later), Steam & other digital distribution platforms/app stores (if possible)

The Team:
Kuso_Otoko is the creative director and lead artist of URAGONER. He has worked on multiple games as a CG artist and character designer including Crisis Point: Extinction.

is the lead developer and programmer of URAGONER. With programming experience spanning more than a decade working freelance on projects for the world's biggest normie companies, he will help make the game we've always wanted to play.

The Premise:
In 2069, mega-corporations are present in almost every aspect of daily life. Corporate takeovers are more aggressive and violent, with every company employing small armies for security. As the new administrator for Uragon Corp., you are tasked with handling the day to day tasks of this small private security firm.

The Game:
In URAGONER, your primary tasks involve sending your mercenaries, (custodians, as they're called) on missions to capture territory, gather intel, or simply eliminate the competition.

  • Turn based RPG combat - Deep tactical gameplay and addictive combat
  • Inventory System - Deploy and customize your equipment and Augment your waifus.
  • Customize Your Operatives - Modify and augment your waifus for tactical advantage or just because you want them to look a certain way.
  • Explore the City - Active city map to explore and control.
  • Dating-Sim/VN elements - Get to know your cyborg waifus.
  • Corporation Management - Grow your HQ, build rooms for your waifus, add new facilities and expand to take over the city.

Your corporation has many elite specialists available for hire, here are two of them:

With your help, we can recruit more unique operatives
and help grow Uragon Corp. into one of the largest businesses in the region.

BE WARNED, your operators can get a bit frisky ...and naughty. As the administrator, you'll have to take care of their physical needs too. ;)

With that in mind, only 18+ administrators need apply.

$2,454 of $3,000 per month
When we reach this goal we can afford to work on the game full time. We can start bringing in outside help to further polish our game such as a second artist, commission more music, custom sfx, get the licenses for commercial professional software tools we need for better effects and more.
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