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Videos and blogs about my version of the Seignalet Diet.  Dr.  Jean Seignalet, (pronounce it "Shon Saynyalay") was a French Professor of Medicine. He died in 2002. 

His 700 page book,  "Nutrition - the third medicine" (my translation of the French title) has not yet been translated into English.  

Dr. Seignalet theorised that most chronic, so called diseases of civilization are caused by eating foods which our paleolithic ancestors would not recognise.  He believed that they ate raw. (Some cooking is allowed on the diet). 

The modern diet leads to a putrefaction type digestion which damages the junctions between the cells lining the intestines (enterocytes) allowing undigested molecules to traverse the gut lining, enter our blood stream and end up in the cells of our tissues and in the cell interstices.  We need only to return to our "ancestral" diet for a maceration type digestion for the gut to heal thereby allowing us to regain our health and vitality and prevent or reverse around 100 diseases.  

Over a period of 20 years Dr. Seignalet treated nearly two and a half thousand patients  with his diet.  For 91 different diseases he was able to obtain mostly full remissions. (The diet is not a cure but you can maintain remission if you stay on it for life). You can see his results tables on my website: and in my youtube videos.

My aims are these:  1. Educate an English speaking audience about Dr. Seignalet and the diet so that a publisher will become interested in having the book translated and will publish it in English so that people don't have to rely on what I tell them about it and can read it for themselves. 2. Until that time show people how to adopt my version of the diet. 3. Bring the diet up to date with new research including studies on vitamin d and the medicinal effects of certain foods.

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