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URL.GRATIS is a Free URL shortener used to create a short link for sharing on blogs, websites and social networks. Unlike our competitors, our service is completely free and we don’t intend to have paid plans. But, to keep us open we need help, if you believe that a URL shortener doesn’t have to be a paid tool, help us keep this project up by donating any amount.

Because URL.GRATIS is a website without monetization, we have other jobs that don’t involve a total commitment to the website, but we are always in our spare time trying to improve the website and serve you in the best possible way, we have an improvement goal that, if met, will help us to focus more on this project to serve you more and more.
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When we reached $250.00 per month it will be possible to work better on the Website Design, we know that there is something to improve in the website design so that it gets better to assist in your work with your company's Digital Marketing, and over time we will improve this Website Design, but with your help per month we will be much faster since we will be able to focus on this project for a longer time than just our free hours.
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