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Hi! My name is Ursula Vernon, and I'm a Hugo-Award winning creator of odd little thingies. I did a webcomic called "Digger" and I write children's books for a living. I also paint odd little pictures, make odd little games, build occasional odd little dolls, do a couple odd little podcasts, and spend a lot of time moving mulch around my garden and ranting about weeds. You can see my work, with links to my various books and blogs, at Red Wombat Studio.

There is no reason to feel obligated to donate to me. I am not trying to fund any particular project. But if you enjoy the oddities and want to kick in a buck or two as a kind of Keep Ursula Weird donation, because you want it to keep going on, I am delighted to put that money toward Weird Food for the podcasts, antacids for my co-host, and art supplies for all the rest.

We have two tiers available. Consider...

The "Buy Ursula Coffee" fund! For the low, low price of $1 a month, you can buy Ursula a cup of coffee!

(Not fancy coffee. Basic drip. Okay, realistically it's "buy Ursula half a cup of coffee" but that doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely.)

Or, if you're feeling wild and crazy, consider supporting at the $2 "Buy Ursula Antacids!" level!

An episode of KUEC costs us between $25 and $50 in food and booze. $2 a month equals $24 a year, which means you'll pay for a whole episode worth of food! Alternately, the fancy prescription antacids I'm on have a $25 co-pay, so you can contribute to keeping my esophagus from being eaten away by my body's response to the terrible terrible food.

...and this is why I'm not in marketing, gang.

I am not offering rewards or anything--you don't get stuff for donating, because I'll immediately begin to worry you're not getting enough and I'm a failure and bad with time and before you know it, I'm curled in fetal position on the closet for, weeping into a carton of Red Vines. This helps no one, except perhaps the manufacturers of Red Vines.

This is also why I'm offering very very small donation tiers.

But if you enjoy what I do, and want it to keep going, and already have too much Stuff and do not want to buy more Stuff because sweet mother of goldfish, where are we going to put all this Stuff!? but you do want me to keep screaming about Lawn Crayfish and traveling to exotic locales where I will be menaced by local wildlife and doodling honey badgers and whatnot, then becoming a patron may be a great option for you. And I'll certainly be grateful.

Thanks for your time!
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