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Wet Fly Fry
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Become a Fry and I'll do a shoutout for you on the podcast - Add a fun title for your name that I can share if you wish.

Free Ebook - Join at this level and get free access to the Ebook: Fly Fishing Quick Tips for Steelhead.

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Wet Fly Parr
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Bonus Episodes. Get access to monthly bonus episodes. These are full-length, with the occasional guest, and full of content that is a little different each month.

Interact with Guests  by sending in questions for our guests each week on the podcast.

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Early Access! Listen to new episodes fresh off the spawning bed, as soon as they're recorded and edited.

Bonus Fly Tying Webinars each month with a special guest from the podcast.  [Video}

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The Chat
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Fly Tying Meetups -  Join at this level and attend the quarterly fly tying events at a local pub or meet-up location.   January, April, July and October will be our local meetup dates.

Live Chat & Q & A!  You can jump on a live chat with me and the group to talk about anything you want as we do a Q & A roundup of past episodes and upcoming guests.

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Annual Get-together & Fishing Trip
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Special access to the annual Wet Fly Swing get together and Fishing Event.   

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