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$1 or more per month patrons
You're an awesome human being!  You like what we do here at Engen, and you want to help, but don't have a lot to give: we get that. We're grateful for every dollar you send us -- truly. For that $1 we'll give you access to three exclusive eBooks from Engen Books, and access to Patreon-only posts at least once monthly!
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Hero Level. 

It might be hard for you to understand how big an impact the little things you do have on the world, but your $5.00 a month is collectively helping me live the dream of being a full-time author. In exchange for your donation you'll get to take part in monthly Q+A sessions that will help you be a better, more industry savvy writer.

Also: 1 "Engen Dollar" a month!

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Engeneer Level.
At this point you should know you are, collectively, helping to fund a  small-press publishing company dedicated to making sure indie and genre  authors have a voice. You're making sure the great authors we  publish and will continue to publish have a platform: and you should be  recognized! As such, at this level your name will appear in the  description text accompanying our writing podcast, The Write Project, as  a supporter! :) 

As a Special Bonus: Once a month, you can request any Engen Book be sent to you in eBook format. :)

Also: 4 "Engen Dollars" a month!

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Early-Bird Special
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Huge deal!! Be the first to grab this slot and you'll be an official on-air sponsor for The Write-Project Podcast! Includes:

- Your logo featured in the bottom left of the screen as much as possible, when not obscuring other graphics.
- An audio segment at the end talking about your business.

- Featuring, if received by publication time, one of your currently on-sale products on-screen.

- 3 "Engen Dollars" a month!