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Sometimes you need to start small to build something big.  Each time you add a stone, the pile gets bigger, growing until you have a wall, a room, a castle.

You want to add a stone, and I thank you for it.

Once Upon a Time

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Every story has a beginning. You want to help out, and that's amazing.  The show has hosting fees, and there are always new sound effects needed to tell the story the way you want to hear it.  And you're giving me the encouragement and support I need to make it through the creatively dry times.  Thank you!

There Be Dragons

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Further along the journey, there are challenges in the path, and you want to help me fight them.  Growing a podcast takes time and money, and you want to help me reach the advertising and merchandizing goals I've set for myself, as well as to help out making the show better.  Did you realize that most sound effects cost about $5 each?  At this level, you're letting me buy a new one with each payment.

As a thank you, joining at this level will get you a handwritten thank-you note mailed anywhere in the world.




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About Scott Thrower

Scott is writing and producing original fairy tales for the Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children podcast.  He's tredding towards the unsettling, fantastic and mind-bending -- and taking you along for the ride.
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Commisioning new designs for the store! 
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