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3000 Universe - this is Porn Game in which you have to play as... never mind.
Read more important information better.

1. Idea.
1.1. This is an attempt to create a classic style RPG with porn content.

2. World.
2.1. This is half classic fantasy and half my own ideas.
2.2. I'm also working on the "sexy" part of the story. Which has its own world \ lore \ story.

3. Gameplay.
3.1. RPG maker system, but with a plane of movement. Like a Heroes M&M, Kings Bounty or Shining Force.
3.2. The game is difficult and you will lose often until you understand the basic mechanics.
3.2.1. Take advantage of the battlefield. (the bodies of the characters will also be a hindrance)
3.2.2. Use all your skills. (after each fight mana is restored and skills are reloaded)
3.2.3. The bonus damage depends on the position of the characters. Front - 100%. Side - 120%. Back - 150%.
3.2.4. Characters are divided into three types.
A.Scout. B.Fighter. C.Shooter. Each type deals the next 150% damage.
3.2.5. Damage is also divided into physical and magical.
3.2.6. Consider all the information and play tactically. But even so it won't be easy.

4. No grind.
4.1. Enemies are not revived and quests or events are not repeated.

5. Content. (Gamma)
5.1. The game has 1.5 locations. Base and first location.
I used the rule "less location, more content".
5.2. The game may seem short ... and yes it is. The passage time is 1-2 hours.

6. Role-playing.
6.1. Almost all the choices in the game matter.
6.1.1. Diolag choices will affect relationships with characters and personality traits.
6.1.2. The choice of actions opens up alternative paths for passing quests and events.
6.1.3. H-scenes also have multiple paths. In some scenes, there are secret parts that open if the character matches the characteristics. And choice in scenes can also change the relationship with characters.
6.2. Your choices can have consequences.
6.3. There are almost always several ways to complete a quest or event or open an H-scene.

7. H-scenes. (Gamma)
7.1. 6-7 short scenes. (1-3 arts)
7.2. 2 medium scenes. (4-12 arts)
7.3. Several text scenes.
7.4. 2 Bonus pictures.

And now - Bad News.

1. The game is at an early stage of development.
2. Bad English. 
3. Bugs are possible.
4. Art of different levels of shit.

$0 of $100 per month
This will allow you to spend more time playing the game. Additional funds will also improve the quality of work. Also, if possible, I will be able to make reports on the work done and the progress of development.
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