Inquisitor Zemark is creating youtube videos and live streams

$1 /creation
just providing a dollar every month helps to reach my goal. and keeps me going. if you like the content but not sure where else to go, this is a great start

$10 /creation
by pledging this much, you will have the exclusive right to choose which video i make next. so if you ever wanted to see a game done by me but i haven't done it yet or im not even aware of it, this...

$20 /creation
You gain recognition for your achievements in helping this content creator bring the games you want. every video will have you credited in it so everyone will know that you care about the games you...

$50 /creation
this only applies to multiplayer games!!!! i will give you the opportunity at any given time to be a part of all my recordings, plus you get credit and can say which game i show next. special menti...