Kyle Smith is creating Minecraft Servers

$1 /mo
You have my gratitude.  As a reward I will give you access to the nickname command and a cookie

$3 /mo
Nice!  In addition to the nickname command you will get two homes and 3 cookies

$5 /mo
Yay! In addition to all of the previous rewards I will give you 3 spot loaders and 5 cookies

$10 /mo
Achievement Unlocked: Portals! For your support you will now have access to portal guns!  You'll get a free portal gun and you can craft your own plus 10 more cookies

$15 /mo
World Anchors: In addition to all the previous rewards, you will now have access to 2 world anchors to keep your machines running while you're gone.  You will also gain access to the /workbench and...

$25 /mo
For your generous patronage I will offer a one on one Skype call (or communication medium of your choice) each month, for half an hour, to talk about running Minecraft servers,  configuring databas...

$50 /mo
You can now consider me a technical resource for troubleshooting Minecraft servers or any other type of game server.  I will try to the best of my ability to answer your questions or point you to r...