Issac Horton is creating Youtube Videos

$1 /mo
Will help me out and get their youtube/name in the description of 1 of my videos

$5 /mo
get in my description for 2 videos and get a email from me saying thanks!

$10 /mo
a thank you video via email and will get in my descriprion and said in my video!

$15 /mo
A hand written letter from me with your name/youtube in my description of one of my videos

$30 /mo
You will get a skype call with me and can ask what ever you want to ask for 15 minutes  every month and get in 2 of my videos in the description with your channel/name

$40 /mo
get to be in a video with me (minecraft Moment), get in the description for 3 videos

$50 /mo
I will help you with anything you need like: server,youtube,ect

$100 /mo
you get a 10 seccond video(Of You) into one of my videos and get in the description of my videos 10 times

$500 /mo
You get into a whole video with me, a 15 minute skype call and i will help with what ever you need personally (youtube,videos,server,ect)