Ely Jaffe is creating Guitar Music Videos! (and so much MORE!)

$1 /creation
Thanks... I LOVE you!!!

$5 /creation
You will have access to my Patreon only stream, where I will update you on songs, recording happenings, and secret updates! And you will get the MP3 release before everyone :)

$10 /creation
All the above, plus MP3's of the song, Backing Tracks for vocals & guitar!

$25 /creation
All the above, plus a private google hangout once a month where you can ask me questions about anything!

$50 /creation
Whoa really!? Your amazing! All the above plus a private SKYPE lesson up to an hour!

$100 /creation
Too much!! All the above plus an extra SKYPE lesson up to 2 hours!

$250 /creation
All the above, plus I will RECORD guitars for your song in my home studio! (within my capability. Not a jazz master yet!)