Kirby Woolever is creating Videos

$1 /creation
Credit at the end of the next video posted.

$3 /creation
I'll send you a postcard of the car I'm going to use on the trip.

$5 /creation
I'll show you how I've setup my budget hopefully you can utilize it yourself to make the same type of trip.  I'll also give you a shout out in one of my upcoming vids.

$25 /creation
A video up to ten minutes of whatever you think would be entertaining to do. No Hard R.

$30 /creation
The full deal you'll get the documentary and the prior two rewards.  Maybe even a blooper real! Is that allowed for a documentary? Oh Well.

$75 /creation
A shirt or a novelty shot glass from any of my stops along the trip.  If you purchase this I'll give you a list of places I'll be stopping at and you can pick any of them, or suggest a new one.

$125 /creation
For this one you can send me anywhere West of Ohio.  I'll do anything legal that keeps me on the ground and doesn't slow the trip up too much.