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Show your support! Donating $1.00 will support me enough to facilitate the creation of new videos, stories and more, and is an extremely valuable token of your support!

- I'll ...

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If you're generous enough to pledge a little extra each month, I would love to send you a personalised thank you card, sketched by me. I'll even write a little ditty in there just for you.


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I'm not the dead poet Philip Larkin, but by fuck I could try (I did have one of my poems published in the County Armagh Millennium Schools Poetry Anthology). 

If you donate $15 (which is lik...

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If you donate $25.00, I will write a short story (1 A4 page) with you and 2 other characters of your choice (if they are folk you know in real life, you're going to have to give me some details abo...