Joshua Shields is creating English Classes For The Poverty Sticken Kids In Latin America

$3 /mo
Now-a-days, a few bucks doesn't get you very far unless your in a third world country... In that case, it is very valuable! Support our cause for this amount monthly and we will send you updates on...

$10 /mo
10 is a very important number for us. Why? Because $10 is the cost for us to give one child classes for a month. Contributing only $10 a month will allow us to touch one more child's life and lead ...

$25 /mo
It is hard to imagine that for just $25 a month, you can provide a whole month's worth of classes to more than a few young-ones! If your willing to support us this much, we would love to share a mo...

$75 /mo
If you believe in the cause enough to support me this much, then I would love to share some fine Honduran coffee with you. 2 pounds of coffee per month! (Ships 4 times a year)