Wranglers of Northwind Academy is creating Wizard Comics!

$1 /creation
For the low, low price of 1$ you get to help keep us chained to the drawing board, keyboard and Cintiq! Additionally, we will add your name to our "Thank You" page on our website!

$5 /creation
For 5$ you will get a monthly e-mail with a personal thank you from us and link that will give you access to a special part of our site where we'll be posting a behind-the-scenes discussion about e...

$20 /creation
Our early bird special! Only the first five people to donate on this tier will get a postcard shipped off to them at the end of every month with a hand written note from the creators of WoNa. We lo...

$200 /creation
What. The. Eff. Ok, you're incredible. And because you're so incredible, we're going to give you a piece of our heart. If you chip in at this tier you're going to get an original inked and signed p...