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You'll get access to my special Patron only activity feed and you'll become part of my special Kind Counsel Twitter list. I'll be checking out your posts every day and chatting with you. S...

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I'll write a short poem (up to 10 lines) for you on any topic you'd like (within reason) for the first month you are my patron. Use this as an opportunity to have me write funny things or to get a ...

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Receive a hand written thank you card from me in the mail.
  • Also included is access to my Patron only activity feed, membership to my Twitter list, and a custom poem.

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Included with your hand written thank you card will be a 4"6 print of Pokiemans and Mustache for the first month you are my Patron, they'd love to be your Kind Friend! You will also receive a free ...

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SPONSOR REBECCAKELSEY.COM - Send me an image (350 x 200) to put on the sidebar of my blog, it will link back to your YouTube channel/Etsy/blog whatever you would like (as long as it's appropriate)....

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Influence my blog! Pick one cruelty-free beauty item (valued under $20) for me to review on my blog or YouTube channel. You can claim this reward for as long as you are my Patron at this level. Use...