Sabrina Pandora is creating An online graphic novel (webcomic)

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$1 /mo
You get our gratitude and some good karma!! Yay you! Also guarantees that Giant Girl will never step on your house, unless she is helping you with that house you can't sell.

Be Like Ronni!

$2 /mo
For patrons of our work willing to pledge two bucks, we'll post the script a week in advance. You can read what's coming, and you spoil the plot. But hey, some of us like spoilers.


$4 /mo
I'll just link you to the script and you can read everything that's coming to the last page. Although given my penchant for rewrites I am liable to change a few things along the way.

Mail Bag!

$5 /mo
You can write letters to Giant Girl and ask her anything. Your answers might very well see print- we've done mail bags at the end of issues previously, and we'll do them again. If you are curious a...

Guest-starring YOU! Hopefully not as painfully as this.

$8 /mo
You will be featured in the Giant Girlieverse as a character- maybe a hero, maybe a villain, perhaps a not-so-innocent bystander. But your name will appear in print in the strip as a character and ...

Custom character doodles!

$10 /mo
Including the previous rewards, every month we'll send you a digital doodle of your favorite Giant Girl Adventures character's head shot, possibly saying something snarky of your choice! Or hers. B...

Screenwriter's meeting!

$100 /mo
If you give $100 a month, we’ll write a story with you. Seriously. For a hundred bucks a month, you can experience the excitement of being a webcomics creator. We'll craft a five page story with yo...