Pranks is creating Never Tell Me the Pods

Never Tell Me the Podawan

$2 /mo
At this tier, you are helping us keep the servers humming and the engines running.  Every little bit helps.

Pig in Space

$5 /mo
Suggest one pun that Pranks will clumsily shoe-horn into a discussion.  (A Star Wars pun would be helpful.)

Capital Shipper

$15 /mo
The hosts will answer one personalized Star Wars question on air.

Note: Never Tell Me the Pods is a discussion that is focused on inclusion, and also on not retreading topics well-covered o...

Bigger Luke

$25 /mo
Suggest a Star Wars topic for the NTMtP crew to discuss on a future episode.  We'll shoot for at least ten minutes, and try to keep things positive, no matter what.

You can also get the "Pig...

Ear Trumpet

$40 /mo
Come be a guest on Never Tell Me the Pods, and jump right into the garbage chute with us.

Note: Backers must fund at this reward tier for at least six months before the interview is schedule...