Erie Canal Theatre is creating podcasts of audio cartoons and theatre for your imagination.

Press Room Floor Operator

$1 /creation
We love you.

Ascot Farmhand

$3 /creation
Access to "fly on the wall" Youtube videos of us at work.

Fourble + 1

$5 /creation
Same as above, but if you send us your mailing address we'll get some stickers out to you.

Jus' Craig'

$10 /creation
We'll credit you in the show notes as a supporter, send some stickers, plus fly-on-the-wall Youtube videos.

Moon Transport Museum

$40 /creation
We'll thank you verbally in the show credits on the podcast. Please tell us how to say your name! Also bonus videos, stickers and your name in the show notes.


$100 /creation
You are now in "brought to you by" territory. We'll mention you or your business as a sponsor before the show begins.

Audition Cheater

$200 /creation
You get to cameo or collaborate on creating titles! You do not need to travel to record, and you do need to sign a release form. We'll also mention you in the show credits on the podcast. Please te...

Automatic Teller Nipple

$7,000 /creation
Flight for two to Detroit from anyplace in the world, stay for four nights at an Airbnb room at Joe's house, where the show is recorded, located in the hipster-destination neighborhood of Corktown ...