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$1 /mo
You have my eternal thanks! My admiration! Random drawings and sketches seen only here! And participation in polls! Full inclusion to all stretch goals! You want extra comics? This is a nice way to...

$2 /mo
Can't wait to see the next Mike: Bookseller comic? You get to see the latest comic a day early right here!

$3 /mo
Weekly giraffe drawings! You get to see my crazy obsession of all things giraffe visualized with fun doodles and pictures!

$5 /mo
Get one of my giraffe drawings sent to you monthly! Who doesn't want all the giraffes?!

$10 /mo
10 bucks a month will enter you into weekly drawings for an appearance in the strip, you can be immortalized as a Mike: Bookseller character!

$15 /mo
You'll receive a Mike Bookseller Button set to wear on your work lanyards and name badges! Or just, you know, because having buttons is pretty cool. Includes previous rewards.

$25 /mo
A personalized drawing from me (NO rule 34!), a Mike: Bookseller T shirt, and all previous rewards.

$50 /mo
Not only do you get a T-SHIRT, and PINS, and you being ADDED to the cast of Mike: Bookseller, you get an original copy comic in which you make an appearance MAILED TO YOU EVERY MONTH!

$100 /mo
A huge, HUGE thank you, a monthly custom drawing (no rule 34), all Mike: Bookseller t shirts, and all previous rewards!