FFA Masters is creating FFA Content

$5 /creation
Contributors will be thanked in credits of video's and also on the FFAMasters homepage.

$10 /creation
Receive everything from the $5 tier plus introduction into the "FML Champion" user group on the FML site which includes a special forum color (green) and badges as well as access to the Champion-on...

$25 /creation
Co-cast a game with the legendary Mage!! This package includes everything from lower payment tiers. If you're unable to do the casting yourself, you may also request a caster to perform with Mage a...

$50 /creation
This package includes everything from the lower tiers PLUS WorpeX (or Persuade) will build a custom melee FFA WC3 map in your honor*! This map will be added into the FML map pool f...

$100 /creation
You will receive everything from the below tiers plus a mini-tournament will be held in your honor for each month you contribute! You may name the event, set the map-pool and have the ultimate fina...