Joan Green is creating Inspirational and Educational Adult and Juvenile Coloring book

$1 /mo
Once a year I will send you your a free down load with the drawing of your choice, and maybe a bonus drawing at the end of the year!

$5 /mo
At the $5 level you will receive one 'coloring book page' every month in a down loadable format.

$20 /mo
Four 'coloring book pages' every month. And a personalized page for your birthday month!

$50 /mo
Eight 'coloring book pages' every month. A free down loadable copy of each of the first ten books(or ten books of your choice), once. And a personalized greeting page for your birthday month.

$100 /mo
You will receive a down loadable copy every book when it is produced. I will sign and send you a page personally created for you.