SteamTeam is creating Steam for All

$1 /mo
Come on MAN (or girl), you could help more, once a game is purchased EVERYONE CAN PLAY IT!

$5 /mo
Some MORE HELP PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE! Cost of a pack of gum!

$10 /mo
Cost of a iPhone or Android Charger

$15 /mo
Cost of a King Size Hershey

$25 /mo
You'll make the best games available when many support!

$50 /mo
Mmmmmm, toasty games

$100 /mo
Come on BEN FRANKLIN its a whole plethora of games! Your Name on the honored page!

$200 /mo
Get a email address with UNLIMITED ONLINE STORAGE! and be BEAST MODE when you can store unlimited files with it! Your Name on the honored page!