Bushime is creating Digital Art

$5 /mo
Access to "how to" art posts that are made to help artists learn how to draw and a little sprite of an animal based off of your social media page (preferably tumblr)

$10 /mo
access on my drawing help videos and your name entered into a drawing to win a sketch commission that will look a bit like this
plus the reward listed below this

$20 /mo
Access to my request stream to where you have the possibility of getting your request drawn, be it anything you want! Also access to premium drawings that I will not be posting to tumblr or any oth...

$30 /mo
Access to even more premium content like drawings and sketches I've never posted and previews to drawings before they are finished and posted, your name entered into a drawing to win a commission t...

$40 /mo
Chances to see youtube videos I've never posted and your name entered into a draw to win a commission that looks a bit like this:


plus all of the rewards before this one.

$50 /mo
Access to premium content like skype conversations with me and other people of this reward tier to get personalized advice about drawing/ to just talk with me via skype, the url to all of my privat...

$100 /mo
One on one conversations with me for advice about art or to just talk in general, 2 art commissions of your choice, name entered 7 times into every draw for 7 times more of a chance of winning, and...

$300 /mo
6 art commissions of your choice, add me on steam and play games with me (if you want), Be an admin on my stream, name entered 20 times into every previous draw for a higher chance of winning, and ...

$500 /mo
My eternal gratitude, 10 art commissions of your choice, be a guest on my stream (I'll call you up on skype and talk to you and you can talk to the people verbally in chat if you want), add me on a...

$800 /mo
15 art commissions of your choice, a chance to voice a character when I eventually animate my comic, learn where I actually live, name entered 70 times into every draw for a higher chance of winnin...

$1,000 /mo
a back ground character based off of you in my story I'm writing, a chance to voice that character when I end up animating it, name entered 150 times into every draw for a higher chance of winning,...

$5,000 /mo
The option to meet me in person and hang out with me and my friends so we can show you some cool art techniques in person, a care package sent from me to you with a bunch of stuff I think you might...

$10,000 /mo
my eternal fucking soul, you are now my best friend hello, an opportunity to star in youtube videos with me at some point, 100 commissions, I will give you a make over in person, 1 million promos o...

$1,000,000 /mo
I'm dead, you have the right to fucking murder me, take my life, 100 care packages, I will marry the two of you at your wedding (I'm a certified pastor you know), I will literally jump into a pool ...