Jacob Sullivan is creating Art,Animation

$0.50 /creation
CUSTOM AVATAR I will draw you in the style of minecraft,and shade/color it digitally. u know those 2 quarters in your pocket,the change you have from that pack of gum,that's all the support i need ...

$1 /creation
ill make a quik 2 frame animation of you (it will be smoothed between the 2 frames) and you get everything from the previous reward

$2 /creation
wow your gonna give me $2? your awesome:) well you can get a custom poster or banner of you (doesnt have to be in minecraft style) and everything from previous rewards

$5 /creation
$5 wow thats like twice the minimum wage per hour Venezuela,everything from previous rewards plus a picture of you and me Photoshops on 2 gorillas , and a old bag of chips (WARNING THE OLD BAG OD\F...

$15 /creation
Everything form before plus a custom tshirt with your avatar