Swallows of the South Podcast is creating Actual Play Podcasts and Storytelling

$1 /mo
Peeking Through the Pet Door

For only 1$ a month, you get a personalized audio thank you shouted out to you on the show!

$2 /mo
Seat in the Waiting Room

In addition to an audio thank you, this tier gets you access to all of our finalized bonus content!

$5 /mo
Regular At Quinn's

In addition to the bonus content and audio shout out, this tier will grant you a sneak peak of any art or written bonus content in their draft form...

$10 /mo
Lunch Buddy

In addition to the content of the lower tiers, this reward opens up voting for and suggestions for Lunch at Madam Fei's segments. Voting will be held each...

$20 /mo
Chosen of Secrets

On top of the rewards of the Patron of the Chosen tier, you will be allowed to provide the name of an NPC to appear in the show! Names may...

$35 /mo
Patron of the Chosen

In addition to the rewards of the lower tiers, Quinn or Lennie will use their artistic talents to, once a year, produce custom art of a character...

$50 /mo

In addition to the content of all lower tiers, once per year, Quinn will run a game for you and up to three of your friends via Google Hangouts!