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First tier

$1 /mo
Thanks for the payment! Every little helps and from this, I can be one step closer to my goal! For doing this, you can listen to my music a lot more.

Second tier

$3 /mo
You will be able to message me on my Facebook as well as getting all the latest news and updates

Third teir

$5 /mo
You'll get early access to concert tickets before anyone else, plus all previous rewards.

Fourth teir!

$10 /mo
You get all the latest news and updates as well as being featured in any of my videos. 

Fith teir

$20 /mo
You get a shout out, as well as many more shout outs for your friends!


$100 /mo
This is great, for this, you get an honorable shout out as well as a request to do a diss track on anyone you thinks deserves it!