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An every-little-bit-counts patron

$1 /mo
You're officially a patron and will receive one very thankful virtual hug. Also, you'll have access to my patron-only feed for blog posts and picture updates along the way.

Panel patron

$3 /mo
Every month, I'll send you an original panel from one of my comics in the post!

Page patron

$5 /mo
Every year I'll send you an original page of artwork, along with a limited edition comic.

Portrait patron

$10 /mo
Send me a selfie and I'll paint your picture! You can use this as your social media avatar and I will also send you the original. Plus you get the previous rewards!

Hand-painted book patron

$20 /mo
You receive a hand-painted, stitched spine book as a way of a thank you, as well as the previous reward – a portrait that you can use as your social media profile pic.

Commision your own comic patron

$100 /mo
Send me a selfie, or a picture of your beloved person/pet/plant and I'll write a comic that you/they star in! You can keep the original artwork and choose to have it published on my blog, or have i...