Elise Rorick; Lusicovi Creative is creating Enchanting Artwork to Inspire the World

All of My Humble Appreciation

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Access to my patron feed + seriously all of my humble and heartfelt appreciation. These Lincolns add up, ya'll, and I'm incredibly grateful that you would even consider helping me at all. 

Appreciation + Inspiration

$10 /mo
All of the above, plus extra special access to the posts I share that inspire me and go into what creates my artwork! 

Appreciation, Inspiration, & Behind the Scenes, Oh my!

$15 /mo
Everything in the first two tiers PLUS behind the scenes posts/videos/photos of works in progress, what my days look like, how giant of a mess I make when I art....basically, what my instagram woul...

Will you hang out with me? Check yes or no.

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All of the above, plus a 1-3 hour google hangout 1x per month where you can ask me aaaaaaanything. What am I reading? What am I making? Where do I find my recipe ideas? Where did I get that headban...

This is where I send you things!

$50 /mo
All of the above, pluuuuuuus: you will receive one 5x7 archival fine art print of one of my artworks every month. A+ way to build a solid collection! Not to mention, seriously, I'm practically weep...

Now You Basically Own My Soul

$150 /mo
For real? You're going to contribute that much to making my dreams come true? I seriously love you. Once I get over the overwhelming level of gratitude that knocks me to the floor, I will send you ...