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"Kupfer" Shortsword

$1 /mo
Early Access to Hell Gates 2: As an official patron of Hell Gates, you can try out the unpublished work-in-progress versions earlier than anyone before (saves are ...

"Silber" Longsword

$5 /mo
Shoutout to You: Whenever I post status updates on Patreon, my Blog or RPG Maker Net, I will include your name as a supporter. If you wish, I will add to your name...

"Gold" Sabre

$20 /mo
Proofreading: As a token of my gratitude for your support, I will proofread a text of yours (~500 words). Since I am translating games and websites, I have quite s...

"Mithril" Magnificent Sword

$50 /mo
Translation: Since you supported Hell Gates that much, I will share my translation experience with you. Send me a text (~700 words/month) and I will translate it from English to Ge...