Nociceptor is creating Progressive Metal

Tier I

$1 /mo
For just one dollar a month (that's only $12 annually!), you will be investing in our ability to do what we do, which we do for you guys! You will get access to our patron-only feed, receive a pers...

Tier II

$3 /mo
For three dollars a month (that is $36 annually), you will get everything that comes with Tier I, as well as access to our digital art and photos, as it is created.

Tier III

$5 /mo
For five dollars a month (that is $60 annually), you get everything from Tier I and Tier II, as well as early release material,  as it is created.

Tier IV

$10 /mo
For $10 a month, you get all the rewards from Tiers I through III, as well as some online video conference time with us! We can awkwardly stare at each other and see who breaks first :)

Tier V

$20 /mo
For $20 a month you will recieve everything described in lower tiers, as well as a care package from us with some free merch. Make sure to include a message when you sign up that includes your shir...

Tier VI

$50 /mo
For your commitment of $50 a month, you will recieve everything from all lower Tiers, as well as music lessons from the band member of your choice!

Tier VII

$100 /mo
For $100 a month, you get all the rewards from all the lower Tiers, plus you will get to hang out with us next time we are in your town! Maybe we can grab some food after the show or something...


$250 /mo
For $250 a month, you get all the rewards from all the other Tiers, as well as an all access laminate lifetime pass! This means that no matter where we are playing, you not only get in for free, bu...