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Help a Bit

$1 /mo
Your name as an initial contributor and my gratitude for it.

A bit more

$5 /mo
Your name remembered as an initial contributor at this level and my gratitude for it, plus rewards as they are developed. 

More than a bit more

$10 /mo
All former rewards for initial levels, plus I'll notice and appreciate it even more.

A meal a month

$20 /mo
All above rewards, plus consider your suggestion for a blog.

A meal, a movie, and a night out

$50 /mo
All previous rewards plus consideration of your suggestion for a sermon.

Seriously helpful

$100 /mo
All above rewards, plus input from you considered for songs. 

Wishful Thinking

$500 /mo
All previous rewards, plus consulting with you on book and career direction and listing your support in the published book.

For Millionaire Saints

$1,000 /mo
All above rewards, plus advance drafts of the book chapters for your editorial suggestions and monthly conversations with you on the topics of your choice.