D. M. Larson is creating stage play scripts


$1 /mo
Kachus are all over the Freedrama website and now you're one too! You're officially a patron and will receive one very thank you virtual cupcake (a Kachu's favorite food).  You also receive access ...

Supporting Actor

$5 /mo
You'll see my work before anyone else with early access to content, plus all previous rewards.

Lead Actor

$10 /mo
Use all Freedrama.net D. M. Larson plays royalty free! You'll receive access to work in progress writing for your eyes only as well as a chance to contribute to my writing through feedback and sugg...

Award Winning Actor

$25 /mo
I will create special PDF of plays for your classroom or production as well as make custom changes to plays. You can also name characters in new plays I am writing (name them after yourself or some...

Featured Actor

$50 /mo
  • We will feature your videos on our blog, website or YouTube channel.
  • Get professional feedback on the videos from Emmy Award winner D. M. Larson.
  • Plus all previous rewards


$100 /mo
You will receive an exclusive t-shirt, a signed book or some other similar product of your choice we will make for you! You can pick the design. Plus all previous rewards.

Art Director

$250 /mo
  • Have original art created by Shiela Larson for your production or t-shirt or other item.
  • Plus all previous rewards

A List Actor

$300 /mo
  • We will give you exclusive one on one video chat time with Emmy Award winner who will give you feedback on your acting.
  • Plus all previous rewards


$500 /mo
  • We will write an exclusive monologue just for you! Work with D. M. Larson and have a monologue written for your needs and it will be yours to keep and not available to anyone else.
  • ...

Executive Producer

$1,000 /mo
  • D. M. Larson will write a short script for you (an exclusive original play for the stage or video script). The script will be for your use only and not be available to others (unless you re...

You're Our Biggest Fan!

$5,000 /mo
  • Select one of the following:
    • D. M. Larson will write a full length play over for you that will totally original and yours to keep.
    • Emmy Award winners Doug and Shiela Larson w...