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$1 /creation
  • You have my undying gratitude and you can feel all warm inside for supporting my art. Also, you'll have access to my activity feed!

$3 /creation
  • Exclusive sneak peeks at WIPs/sketches of comics and personal artwork.
  • Monthly batch of Moonlit Dawn: A Mythical Tale headshots!
  • Monthly batch of B...

$5 /creation
  • 3 Day Early preview of completed personal artwork.
  • 3 Day Early update of Moonlit Dawn: A Mythical Tale comic pages. [weekly]
  • 3 Day Early update of ...

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  • Private Livestreaming sessions for my patrons only. (These will also be recorded for any patrons who miss a session and can be in audio so I can talk to you in real time!)
  • ...

$45 /creation
  • You are entered in a Monthly Raffle to possibly win a digital illustration by me of anything you want! I will also send a print of it to your physical address if you'd like.