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The I'll throw this prick a few bucks Reward

$2 /mo
An @2FBS stubby cooler with an appropiately sweary insult

I won't miss a rhubarb

$5 /mo
My secret* BBQ Rub recipe and some to try for yourself

*Only divulged to you and anyone who has ever asked me when I am drunk

It's only money and at least I'll get a good feed even if I have to drive to Dubbo

$10 /mo
An invite to a BBQ in the Vegas of the Central West. Food and booze provided for you and a partner...and kids too if you are unlucky enough to have to bring them with you. Floor space or tent ...

Fuck me, mate. You really need to put away your credit card when you've been drinking

$25 /mo
Pretty much whatever you want.... A tattoo of your name on my butt cheek.... name one of my alpacas after you and send you it's fleece every year until it dies (or I eat it)... You decide.... ...