Dorothea LeBlanc is creating Upcycled Art, process videos with her own music!

"Behind the Scenes" Supporter

$1 /mo
Along with the joy of supporting an artist who cares deeply for our environment, you get:


  • Access to 36 gorgeous wallpapers for your devices
  • Behind-the-scenes time lapse...

"Full Video" Supporter

$5 /mo
  • A free set of 5 large format greeting cards (choice of landscape or flower paintings)
  • Access to my new full videos 
  • All previous rewards

"Gets a Mini" Supporter

$10 /mo

  • Receive a FREE mini up-cycled Jewel Painting (you can choose the basic colour, but exact piece is not guaranteed) (5"x7")
  • Plus all previous rewards

"Limited Edition" Supporter

$40 /mo
After 6 month's support, you'll get a high quality, limited edition, hand signed print of the above painting that I did at a beach in Nova Scotia! It's almost full size (11 x 14 inches) printed wit...