The Best Buds is creating A free web comic

$1 /creation
The Soap Bar -  A lifetime of gratitude
It might not sound like a lot, but trust us when we say that we REALLY appreciate your support.

$3 /creation
The Skunk number one - Access to the activity feed
Alright, we get it, you actually want something concrete for your money. Well, for just $3 a month you'll get exclusive access...

$5 /creation
The  Purple Haze - Get a high resolution version of the comic sent to your email a week before it’s out online. In both PDF and .CBR
Cash means comics so by hel...

$15 /creation
The Chronic - An A4 printed comic cover
Now we're ballin'! As well as the above rewards, we will also send you a printed cover of the comic ready for you to hang on your wall with pride.

$25 /creation
The G13 - A printed version of the comic
Now were talking high class in a martini glass! Not only will you gain all the above rewards, but you will be sent your very own, very l...

$50 /creation

The Platinum OG kush - A framed page from a comic.
This isn't no bronze, silver, or gold pack. This is the Platinum pack! As well as all of the above great rewards, you'll a...

$100 /creation
The Big Bud - Posters, T-shirts, comics and previewsNow you've reached the big time, so you better clean out some storage space. Coming your way will be everything previously listed