Eeyore (-UMM-) is creating A Social space

Patreon 3rd class

$1 /mo
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Patreon 3rd class Tag on TS
  • access to clan TS
  • invite to the World of tanks Clan
  • Patreon Room on TS
  • Be put on the Patreon's wall on TS

Patreon 2nd class

$5 /mo
  • Patreon 2nd class Tag
  • Prefered access to Teamspeak modifications
  • All previous rewards

Patreon 1st Class

$10 /mo
  • Patreon 1st class tag on TS
  • Listen in on Officer meetings regarding TS
  • Your OWN TS room to do so as you please (PG17)
  • Everything else