mamalama is creating music as medicine

Gratitude and Patron only Post-Updates

$2 /mo
At this tier, you are welcome to view all updates and posts that I share on my Patreon feed. 

I am grateful for your support and encouragement!

unfinished, still-in-formation lyrics

$5 /mo
At this tier, I will share with you some pieces of lyrics that are being worked with presently. Scribblings and rewrites.... The process of finding the right words. 

Gratitude, Post Updates, Unfinished Lyrics, AND Free album download

$15 /mo
All of the above...

and choose an album to download.

beauty and awe, and unfinished lyrics

$25 /mo
At this tier, I will share with you something that I've found that has created the experience of beauty and/or awe and/or wonder. Nothing frivolous. Something real and moving. I look for these thin...

Video of new music in the works, and all of the above

$100 /mo
At this tier, I will share a video with you of the music that I am currently composing.

This video will be made for you in my home studio, or made out in the great big world, somewhe...


lullaby written for you, or for someone you love

$250 /mo
I will compose one personal lullaby for you, or for your child, or for someone that you love dearly. 

You are welcome to give me some content that you'd like woven into the piece... or not.