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Thank you for wanting to help me out! $2 might seem like a tiny amount to someone but it genuinely means more and helps out more than you think!
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YouTube Shoutout

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Thank you!! $5 would totally speed up the process of me buying more equipment and building up my channel more! As I've mentioned, getting a camera and a mic is my first step to making my YouTube ch...

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Holy moly. $10 seems like a massive amount to a college student like me, so thank you so very much. By being so generous, you're helping me out more than you'll ever know!
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Gosh dang diggity. I don't even know why anyone would be willing to pledge THIS much to me, but wow, thank you. As I've mentioned, this helps me get closer to the end goal - which is doing the best...

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OH MY WORD. I don't know how to even say thank you if you chose to pledge ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to me!! What do I say. Wow. Thank you a bunch. Your help is absolutely everything. EVERYTHING.