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 Every little bit helps, and I can't express how much I appreciate your support. Thank you! <3

You'll get access to all patron-only posts, as well as get put on my patron page on Tumblr....



$5 /mo
 You'll get a request from me every single month! This can be anything from a recorded message, piece of dialogue, etc.

Happy  to do pretty much anything so long as it's around 300 words at...


Follower and Fan-tastic

$10 /mo
A Ultra-special title on the discord channel.

(Plus previous tier reward)

Cultist of the voice

$25 /mo
 Can't get enough of my voice? With this you'll get 3 requests a month, or one request of up to around 1500 words!

You'll also get the entire previous tier of rewards. 

Feeding the flame

$50 /mo
 With this tier we'll schedule a time at least once a month to hang out  one on one (or with other buds of yours if you'd like) for at least a  couple hours and do whatever you want (within reason)...

Fire hazard

$100 /mo
There's no extra rewards to this tier other than what you'd get at the previous one, this is just in case you really genuinely want to support  and help me this much. I won't really ever be able to...