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Access To My Writing Space

$1 /mo
If you choose to strike up this tier, you'll gain access to,

  • Drafts of my stories which are intended for free distribution to the public ahead of time. 
  • An email of ac...

Story Chest

$2 /mo
If you choose to strike up this tier; 


  • You gain access to my edited- Current stories on all outlets. 
  • An email of appreciation.
  • Sneak peaks of new stories up and...

D.K. Daniels Mind Palace

$4 /mo
If you choose to strike up this tier; 

  • I will, of course, shoot an email over in your direction as a thank you- as well as a handwritten memento of my appreciation for your sup...

Personal Story Commissions - Ghostwriting

$10 /mo
  • If you decided to take up this tier- I would be happy to accommodate your prompt and fit your idea into my writing schedule. I will put all my time effort into creating a realistic and mov...

Writing Mentorship

$20 /mo
I cannot state I am well adhered on this topic. However, I can offer an extra pair of eyes for your story and focus solely on your story. I can help with editorial, plot structures, arcs and so on....

The Inner-Circle

$25 /mo
  • You'll gain access to all the previous tiers. Excluding Ghostwriting and Writing Mentorship.
  • You will also be included in a free giveaway when my newest book launch is active. ( A...