Taylor Karras is creating a podcasting network

$1 /mo
If you donate a dollar then basically you're showing that you support us so much; even a dollar means alot to us, we'll take what we get. :)

$10 /mo
You'll get a T-Shirt with a funny slogan once the shop opens up

$30 /mo
Any email you send will get priority access and your ideas will be considered fully, plus In addition your name will be shout out during our shows in which we thank you profusely for your support.

$55 /mo
Want to be on a podcast network, here's your chance; get in the pool to be considered for "Viewer Takeover Month", the only event of it's kind in which the viewers themselves appear as guests on th...

$80 /mo
If you have Skype, you can join in on the preshow. Watch as you gaze on podcast celebrities who will treat you like you are king; plus self promote yourself like you never did before.

$300 /mo
Be on the air: You don't have to worry about waiting in a pool or worrying if you're going to be picked. If you pay $250 now then you can be on the air; of course there's going to be some questions...

$750 /mo
Woah, you must be super rich. Okay, I'll give you my personal cellphone number but don't stalk me alright? You may also be a business so if you have this kind of money then contact us, get us dea...