Ladies of the Round Table  is creating STEM Education Scholarship Foundation for Girls

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If every LORT fan donated $1 a month (an average of just five cents a show!) it would truly make a huge difference in our overall show quality.
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$3 You'll get access to our patron stream AND hear it here first as we announce any, online shows, and local performance to you here first! OH! And we'll follow you on twitter or facebook :)

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Wow! It's official; you really are a Geek, and we love you for it! You get a shiny new badge to show off to all your friends!
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  • A signed autograph photo of each host as well as a phone call from the host of your choice.
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You just leveled up from Geek to "Super Fan"!
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You have just showed us how much our mission and commitment to the community means to you. Now, let us show you just how committed we are to you.
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  • Your name and company name in the credits at the end of each live show video.
  • 1 hour private invite Google hangout/Skype call with all of our hosts or a host of your choice.

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  • A special care package to be sent to you each month from us.
  • Autographed photos of all of our hosts.
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You are now a Silver LORT Knight!
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You are now a Gold LORT Knight!
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This level is Platinum for our corporate sponsors who care about the community and want to contribute.

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