Lyndy Butler is creating a new album of songs + music videos, Flying Lessons!

Friends of a Feather

$1 /mo
*you will get to hear the new songs before anyone else

*full access to behind the scenes posts and updates.

*name on new album credits


$5 /mo
*Download the new songs as soon as they are ready.

*access to behind the scenes posts and updates and demos.

*name on album credits

Undercover Unicorn-Drummer

$10 /mo
*a monthly video preview of each new song to be released on the new album, Flying Lessons.

*Downloads as soon as available

*Secret Video Access to Lyndy Cover songs

*25% off sweet ...


Stubborn As$ Club

$20 /mo
An exclusive Lyndy Butler Stubborn Hat!

and other Bob the Donkey mementos. perhaps an autographed photo of Lyndy and Bob...or just Bob. depending on his managers approval. (This can also be canc...


Sax Dragons

$30 /mo
I really, really, really want to be able to have a horn section on my "Magic Mamas" song. You would be sponsoring this dream. I will take you into the studio with a live stream to watch and listen ...

American Guitar Heroes

$50 /mo
*Skype/Online Guitar Lessons 

I teach guitar lessons to children ages 8-14 

Sometimes schedules can be crazy and getting places is hard, I will come to you through the power of the intern...


Lucky Ducks

$75 /mo
*AIR MAIL I will send you a printed version of the

 "I CAN PLAY ALL THE COLORS" book, this is The Lyndy Butler Songbook

*plus instructional CDs/downloads, 

*plus you get personaliz...


The Wind beneath my Wings

$100 /mo
THIS FEELS SILLY to even OFFER, but if there is a song you'd like to be the full sponsor for, You'd be the wind beneath my wings. each song will need $500-1000 for Studio Production and I would sen...